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Nashville 2220: Number 007

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#VV “Eargasms” Ethereal beats,…

#VV “Eargasms” Ethereal beats, ideal blend of indie hiphop/spoken word ft @RhaGoddess @saulwilliams @mosdefofficial + Widgets

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#VV Mystery variant not featur…

#VV Mystery variant not featuring the soul royalty (a rarity). Green only in name. His 1st album & single to reach #1

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#VV cellular level grooves on …

#VV cellular level grooves on Black Joe Lewis’ 10″ blues rock gem ft the garrulous “Cousin Randy” & “Bitch I Love You”

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Off With Their Heads/No Friends Split 6" (No Idea Records, 2010)

Vinyl records meet the Twitter-verse with @VisibleVinyl

There’s something eternally fascinating about combining the old and the new.  For generations, especially in music, its been a theme compounded by retro acts, cover bands and throwback concept albums.  In the today’s world, where physical…

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Alabama Shakes opener set was …

Alabama Shakes opener set was so good, 3rd Man released some of it even though it wasn’t recorded for black & blue #VV Recommended: Widgets

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Her band was the 1st ever all-…

Her band was the 1st ever all-girl rock group to sign to a major, currently hosts a show on Sirius radio. Badass. #VV Widgets

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The Who - Who's Next

#VV The Who – Who’s Next: Medicinal Rock & Roll

You should have this record, because it could take the place of your antidepressant or tranquilizer. You should listen to it as loud as you can get away with until your symptoms subside, and then follow up as needed. The Who are much more than the…

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Nick Hardy is an artist manager out of Nashville, Tenn and Social Media Strategist for Infinity Cat Recordings.  Reach him at &

2-Stroke: Mumford and Sons ticket fiasco

Oh, Ticketmaster! You big, rusty monopoly machine with your exorbitant services fees that make customers think twice about buying a ticket for an event. You do realize your power, right? Do you know how much good you could do for this unstable…

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Drew Wilson, formerly the man behind the curtain of WRVU’S “Loud Love” Show, is a punk rock connoisseur from New York City and one of the last of a generation who can say they grew up going to CBGB's. He moved to Nashville to get into radio and found a spot at the Vanderbilt station in 2008, where he put his training to use and took over the waves of Music City with the only punk rock show on the radio at the time. Now, in 2011, he's still playing the best of new and old punk, hardcore, and garage rock, and he's a fixture at the local shows as well as booking and promoting local bands, and keeping the volume turned to loud.

Loud Love: Uncovering the relevance of covers

Starting out as a lesser known band, lots of difficulties and situations arise that well-known bands don’t need to worry about. Everything from getting your cut of the door money, to making sure the venue has the appropriate plugs is something…

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