SZLog: William Tyler at Live & Reel, Open Hand Cafe, Tigerface << Catching Up

by Dave Sharp on Jun 10th, 2012

So, I’m a little late to the party with these little news bits.  But, better late than never and this is info you’ll definitley want to note.

Live & Reel at Reel Recording

How on earth did we not bring you the newest Live & Reel our friends at Reel Recording put out out at the end of last month?  We’re no longer a part of the project, but that doesn’t mean that Mark, Erik and co. aren’t putting of high quality “One Take. One Shot. No Gimmicks” tracks via Live & Reel.  This month they feature the immensely talented William Tyler, a guy who’s made other news recently for his wide-reaching local influence including a Nashville’s Dead 7-inch release to the planned Stone Fox music venue in East Nashville.  Check out his track “Lissmacue” from Live & Reel below and don’t forget to download the mp3 as well as share you email to get a hidden WT track (hint: its “We Can’t Go Home Again” and totally worth the extra step).

Open Hand

And our second catch-up story story is the opening of a musically versatile new venue and coffee/tea shop in Dickson called Open Hand Cafe.  Our good friend Thomo Whitedread (the same dude who brought Alex Marley to town), brought the place to life that features, reggae, ska, rock and every other local sounds available to this open-source venue.

You’ll have to like them on Facebook to keep up with all the goings-on.  Its the ideal place to relax, take in a good vibe and imbibe quality teas and perfect to harbor communal music.  Do your part and support it.  Oh, and they’ll be accepting credit and debit cards soon, which should make patronage a lot easier.

Open Hand Cafe on Facebook


Hard-working musician and contributer, Matt Willers, has landed with a new music outfit and they’ve got a cool new sound that’s worth highlighting.  You’ve heard that electronic is the new wave of music in general, right? And as with any significant wave like that, there’s a wealth (usually the majoiryt) that really sucks.  On the other hand, there are some gems that make you really re-think composition and what you dig.  Tigerface offers the latter.

Check out their track “Run Right Now” below.  Its got a frenetic pace that matches the title, with lots of intangibles that really excites me for their up-coming album, Out of the Dark.  You can preorder it for $7 at

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  1. kristin says:

    Tigerface is an amazing band. Worth checking out!!!

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