Anamanaguchi Interview

by Rebecca Seung on May 09th, 2011


Anamanaguchi at Centennial Park. Photo credit: Rebecca Seung

From New York City, Anamanaguchi is not your average punk band. The chip-tune quartet uses modded NES and Gameboys for their 8-bit synth sounds, but don’t call them “video game” just because they remind you of old Nintendo soundtracks and one of them has a Triforce tattoo. While their music tries to push the boundaries of what their hacked consoles can do, they still cater to the gamer community, having written the soundtrack to the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World video game and including their song “Airbrushed” in Rock Band.¬†They played The End at the end of April with Cheap Time, Diarrhea Planet, and the Japanese pop punk characters Peelander-Z for a wild night of strobe lights, human bowling, and good music. Unfortunately for The End, but fortunately for, the bathrooms that day had blown, so we trekked on over to Centennial Park to talk to the boys about their history in fashion, their favorite games, their time in Nashville and more.

An Interview with Anamanaguchi from on Vimeo.

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