The Toasters Interview

by Dave Sharp on Jan 24th, 2011

The Toasters Interview. Photo courtesy of Megalith Records

If you’re a fiend for credible musical insight, a worldly viewpoint, a New York City pace with noticeable British accent and tenacious ska music you’ll love Rob Hingley AKA Bucket of The Toasters. That’s a lot for one man, but certainly part of this man’s modus operandi.  He’s held the Toasters together for over 30 year. all while cultivating a whole movement of American ska and running two record labels.  So what’s the best way to experience all that “Buck” has to offer? First, get your heart rate up watching his Toasters play at the Muse, then take a few minutes to discuss music, family, leadership and travel afterward.  That’s exactly what did.

The Toasters Interview from on Vimeo.

Interviewer: Dave Sharp

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